How to Clean off Air Ducts and Dryer Vents?

Requirement of Cleaning

Hi guys, if you are looking for the best Air duct and Dryer vent cleaning agency, then you are at the right destination. This is because in Orange County, finding the best cleaner is very tough. You should know that air duct cleaning is very important due to many reasons. There is a need for many seasons where cleaning of these ducts and vents should be done. You can contact the professional air duct cleaning by looking out for different options near you. You will find many agencies if you search “air duct cleaning near me.”

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We would like to state that air duct cleaning irvine is quite expensive, but here we are to help you out. Have you ever thought about cleaning your air duct and dryer vent at regular intervals? You would find many air duct cleaning orange county offering different services on their terms. In this article, we will take a look at how to monitor the cleaning of Air duct and Dryer Vents.

·         Check the Disconnection of Dryer

This is one of the most important steps to start cleaning the dryer. There is a need for you to disconnect the dryer to the vent, which is essential. You just have to locate the dryer and check its outlet where all of the dirt flows. First, you should turn off the dryer and leave it for some time before actually disconnecting the dryer. Also, if you have a gas dryer, you should turn off the gas supply before disconnecting the dryer.

·         Vacuum the dryer

You have to turn off the dryer before disconnecting and then take off the lid. We suggest you to wear gloves to take off the lid from both the side of the dryer. Use a vacuum to take all the dirt out of their vent. You have to repeat the same process from the other side of the dryer which is outside of the house. After this, take the lid and cover the dryer again from both the ends.

·         Use a brush and against connect the dryer.

If your dryer’s ends are located at a height, then you should use the brush. We recommend you use a thin brush to insert inside the dryer vent and move it slightly and slowly. Put back the lid to both the ends of the dryer and use it with care again.

We recommend you to look for professional cleaners for Air ducts and Dryer vent who provide same day air duct cleaning at an affordable cost.

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